Simple Coin

Missing Money App Image
Screen capture in the afternoon.

A missing money app.

Balance your monthly checkbook in a few minutes. See the impact of expenses before committing to them. Track deferred transactions from store debit cards. Create a trip budget and stick to it. The app is appealing and simple with lots of possibilities.


Make it your own with a gentle pastel color pallette.

Colorful themes app image
Some of the app colors side by side.

An app for all budgets.

Every user has full access to all content for free. Donations only.

Options section scrolled to donation section screen capture.
Slightly scrolled option screen capture in purple.
Transaction details screen capture in orange.
Transaction details screen capture in orange.

Less is more.

The power of a generic app revolves around how many situations it can handle. What that situation is will be up to you. Feature updates will always attempt to balance the essential with the generic.

Upcoming features:

  • Android.
  • More currencies.
  • More languages.
  • Multiple "accounts".
  • Search.

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Privacy Policy

As the owner of Simple Coin, the code I wrote does not use or gather any user data. The app simply empowers a user to organize financial data in a particular style. User data is completely local to the device the app is running on. Not only that, because the data isn't connected to any monetary authority, it holds no real meaning except for the user who entered it. Indeed, this paragraph is a long drawn out way of saying the privacy policy of Simple Coin is the same privacy policy as a basic calculator.