Creating apps and websites that are accessible for as many people as possible, especially those with physical and/or mental disabilities, is one of the most important goals in my software design. If you feel something can be improved: Tell me.

I could've implemented a fancy navigation bar but I didn't. Because... I could just create an index page, and let the user's software be the navigation bar.

Thanks MPJ, I wish someone told me straight up a long time ago: the more tooling and meta programming you do, the less productive you become.

As a human being, perhaps it appears you can predict the future. You can't. Therefore, how can you choose the correct library or tool for a programming job where you are creating something out of nothing? You can't. Choose the one which you know the best.

Get out of your head. If you're in your head, you aren't actually doing anything.

I love libraries and tools and metaprogramming a lot, but pretend like they are a new video game: exciting, stimulating, and super fun. But! They aren't productive, and slow you down.

I could've implemented a database for my blog with an admin interface and dynamically update my website whenever I have a blog post, but I didn't. Because... I could just type two html tags, say what I want to say, then git push.

I've enjoyed the minimalist asthetic in art since I was very young, and applying it to my website was a natural choice because everyone understands it... And I like it.

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