ActualAccount's simplicity includes:

  • One big number showing how much money you have.
  • Transaction list with an amount, a color, and a date.
  • Creating transactions takes seconds.
  • Secure because it is not connected.
  • Reset to zero whenever you need a fresh start.

Using ActualAccount is about abstracting away your divided assets.

  1. Deposit your money.
  2. Save any amount.
  3. Enter expenses from all cards and mediums.
  4. See a single real number.

ActualAccount wants you to know negative money is not spendable money. Zero is the minimum account balance.

So why is this an app? Money is more complicated than this... There are debits, credits, debt, categories, budgets, interest, interest charges, mortgages, hedge funds, gold stashes...

You’re right about money being complicated. This is exactly why we need simple. Many banks, businesses, and people make a substantial amount of money off of other people getting trapped in this complexity. The ones who need money to be simple are the ones who don’t have the energy, the time, or the skills. Really, everyone would benefit from simple. That’s the whole point of technology. Simplify the complicated. Whether you're young with a simple allowance, you work hard to get paid, or you just want a simple financial tool: ActualAccount is here for you.